Two Must-Have Go-To Recipes For Raw Food Dieters

So, you've found out the incredible health benefits gained from making raw foods part of your regular diet? Now it's time to start adding new recipes, ingredients and healthy habits to your diet routine so you never turn back down the salt and sugar spiral of junk food addiction.

Starting with these two go-to raw food recipes will serve as an excellent launch pad for you as you aim to kick start your raw food diet endeavors.

Oat Bran is the secret weapon recipe for raw food enthusiasts and it is definitely entirely too often overlooked. A super food in its own right, Oat Bran is distinct from its near neighbors in the oat family -- Oat Meal, Steel Cut Oats and Rolled Oats. The deep-dive on those other oats is a discussion left for another day. The actual recipe to preparing oat bran is just add water, put in microwave and heat until you see the water near fully evaporated. The difficult aspect here tends to be simply finding Oat Bran for sale, at all. Once cooked, add Stevia, cinnamon and perhaps some hemp protein -- to taste -- and stir until evenly distributed. You'll find a taste and satiation you never thought possible from healthy food.

Onion, cabbage and egg combos are a delight unknown to many purveyors of junk food. You can try starting with a medium-heated frying pan, with some olive or coconut oil splashed in it. Cut up an onion and a section of a cabbage to where you have roughly as much cabbage, once cut, as you received from your cut onion. Put that in the pan with the oil and allow it to simmer and sauté for as long as you can, always stirring the ingredients, but not allowing it to char. Once you have the vegetables nicely browned, you'll notice they've taken on a bit of a sweeter taste than when you put the raw ingredients in. Then, prepare the egg any way you normally would and place it on or next to the vegetables on a plate or in a bowl, as you see fit.

Well, now that you have a two excellent recipes in your repertoire, you can start down the path of making new, healthy habits. Regardless of whether you are seeking a raw food diet for health or for other reasons, having a few go-to meal and snack ideas will make all of the difference in determining whether you succeed at staying raw, or if you start to cheat with packaged and unhealthy food.

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